Parent's Guide to Pilot Training for Child

Pilot Training decision making for child based on industry expert analysis, data, facts & finance.

So, your child wants to become a pilot. As a responsible parent, you have to guide them on the right path. The question isn't how to become a pilot. The real question is, should you say yes or no to your child's ambition?

There are two aspects of this notion. One, there is a child who is ambitious to become an airline pilot. Another side, there is the parent, who has to back the idea financially, strategically, and emotionally.

The psychology behind parenting says yes to every dream to your child. But will it be the right one for you? As your child is a teenager, they have all the fascination about life and career.

Let's divide the notion into three perspectives: the career reality, the financial fact, and the decision-making.

Career Reality: No doubt, piloting is one of the respectful careers in modern times. It looks very glamourous and prestigious from the social view. If your child can be one, it can give you fulfillment and accomplishment as a parent. The path may not be as easy. Completing the training, getting ready for the airline job, getting a career in the airline, and finally sustaining a position in the volatile aviation field is a challenge to you and your child.

Financial Fact: Pilot training is a costly affair, and it's the parent who will have to take the financial load. How much can the cost of pilot training be? What are the hidden fees? Can you spend that many savings, or should you take a loan for the child's pilot training? It's the hard-earned money involved, and you can't turn back in the middle of the journey.

Decision-making: Decision-making is the notion's final and most crucial part. The answer should be yes or no; there is no in between. The answer should come based on career reality, child's performance, financial condition, and future projections in the aviation industry.

In the ''Parent's Guide to Pilot Training''', we have discussed all the notions in detail. From our long experience in the aviation education field and conversations with many parents, we developed the pattern of concerns and the formula of self-discovering decisions. The course is curated by airline pilots, with their journey, experiences, challenges, and accomplishments.


What will you get from the course:

  • An in depth understanding of the pilot career.
  • Different paths of CPL training suitable for you.
  • The complete Pilot training structure (PPL - SPL- CPL - MEIR - ATPL - Line Training)
  • Conventional Flying School or Cadet Pilot Program
  • Pilot Entrance Exam
  • IIT JEE or Pilot Training
  • Pilot Training In India or USA, CANADA, Australia
  • Pilot Salary, Perks and income
  • Flying school costs, hidden cost, Airline Training costs. ( Total costs )
  • Financing and Financial Planning.
  • Pilot Career Opportunities and Airline Industry Projections.
  • Analyzing all information for your decision making.

Join the course now and help your decision making process by industry expert's data, facts, information, experience and analysis.

Who can take the course :

  • Any parent who is looking for piloting as a career for their child.
  • Any parent whose child is appearing in IGRUA on Airline Cadet Pilot Program tests.
  • Anyone who is enthusiast about pilot training and want to research more about the career path.

Parent’s Guide to Pilot Training for Child

Pilot training decision making analysis by airline pilot. Join Now.

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