New DGCA ELP test procedure

What’s new in DGCA ELP English Language Proficiency Test in 2021 ?

Pilots who used to appear for the ELP tests earlier, can remember the experience well. It could be the easiest of all pilot exams, sometimes they didn’t consider it as an exam to be prepared of. It was just like complying with the regulations and requirement. But you’ll be happy to know that, it is no more the same you experienced earlier. Now the test has been more organised, divided in different modules and as similar as an ICAO ELP exam can be. Let me explain you the different modules below to make your understanding better.

Appear for the test at least one hour before your scheduled time. You will be given a form to fill up after reporting. Carry your I’d license and all relevant documents along with eGCA I’d.

As soon as you enter for the ELP viva board, you’ll fine that, an examiners panel consisting of 3-4 members are waiting for you. First you’ll greet the camera. You need to record your face, your CPL / ATPL license and I’d card to the camera. Keep in mind that the whole conversation will be recorded.

Now take your seat, greet everyone and relax. After normal conversation the interviewer will start the test. First will be MODULE 1.

MODULE 1 : In this module you’ll be asked to give your introduction. You can be well prepared about your intro to give it a good start. The first impression can make a big difference to the interviewers perception. So be well prepared about the intro. The examiner will cross question from your information. It will be normally a conversation and the other interviewers will monitor your speaking ability, body language, pace, accent, vocabulary. We will explain every part in the course in detail.

MODULE 2: In this module, a recorded audio clip will be played and you'll be asked to listen carefully. It can be ATC - PILOT conversation or cockpit conversation between the captain and First Officer, or can be the conversation between cabin crew and pilot through the intercom. It can be any articulation like Latin, American, Arabic or Indonesian. After completing the audio play, you'll be asked questions from the conversation. So, listen and understand it carefully. There are techniques which we have taught in this course so that you can answer every question correctly. You will be given 2-3 different audio clips in this module.

We have put lots of similar audio conversations of different accents and taught you techniques to prepare for this module.

MODULE 3: This module is designed to check your professional expertise. You will be asked the different types of questions in aviation. It can be anything from your aerodynamics book to modern aviation terminology. We have given a list of the most asked topics and answers for your better preparation.

MODULE 4 : You will be given 2-3 photographs printout which you will have to explain. Every picture tells a story. The more information you can grab at a glance and express it properly gives you better appreciate it. We have given lot of similar photographs and explanation demo to make you understand and prepare well.

That's the general idea of your new ELP test. And of the module can be changed or improvised according to the examiners choice. We have put our best user experience and feedback from previous and ongoing students who appeared for the test and scored LEVEL 5.

To unlock the full course and start quick and effective preparation, enrol on the course now. Ask for any doubt to your instructor in the course. Good luck.

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